Code of Conduct

  1. Must behave honestly and with integrity and in a manner befitting a professional sportsperson whilst at ABA events.
  1. Will maintain an appropriate duty of care and due diligence towards fellow competitors, event staff, and members of the public, throughout the entire period of any ABA event in which they are or have been a competitor, whilst still being involved with an ABA event.
  1. Must treat everyone involved in ABA Events, (including all event staff and officials, fellow competitors and their associates, spectators and members of the general public) with respect and courtesy and without harassment, throughout the entire ABA event period.
  1. Will comply with any laws, lawful direction or regulation given or applied by any National, State, Regional or Local Authority provided the power to enforce these, as they rightfully apply.
  1. Must comply with any reasonable direction given by key ABA event staff (e.g., Technical Director, Head Judge, Contest Director, Beach Marshall, Announcer etc.) who has the authority to give such direction in the course of correctly managing the event as per the Rules stated in the ABA Rule Book.
  1. Must maintain appropriate confidentiality in respect of matters the ABA decides are to remain confidential (e.g., disclosing to another person the winners of a competition prior to the official announcement, disclosing matters in relation to judging decisions and outcomes, disciplinary reports and other internal ABA matters that are not for disclosure to competitors of members of the public).
  1. Must not use inside information, their own status, power or authority as ABA event staff to gain or seek to gain a benefit or advantage for themselves or another person.
  1. Whilst competing in and representing the ABA at ABA events, behave in a manner that upholds the good reputation of the ABA and in no way brings the ABA into disrepute.
  2. Must not be under the influence of any narcotic drug or other banned substance whilst competing at ABA events or whilst representing the ABA at ABA events.