Big Wave Awards – Entry #5 Santiago Martinez

Big Wave Awards – Entry #5 Santiago Martinez

Santiago Martinez is a name you might not be familiar with, but you’ll get to know it. The 24 year old Argentinian bodyboarder’s big wave antics have been trickling through the like of Riptide and the ABA’s eyes more and more recently.

The unmissable Teahupoo sets the scene for the fifth entry of the Nomad Big Wave Awards Presented by Emerald City Surf. Just take a few moments to really appreciate the scoop, the amount of water and how deep Santiago gets in this wave. And to wrap it up in Santiago’s words ” The wave’s super scary and happy at the same time, big perfect chopes with just 6 people. It was the dream come true” paints the scene perfectly.

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Surf footage: Jah Live

Lifestyle: Facundo Ciapina

Music By: Sanzara – Leave