Hogs Breath Cafe’ Knights Beach Pro Presented By Good Earth Mens Pro (Official Video)

Hogs Breath Cafe’ Knights Beach Pro Presented By Good Earth Mens Pro (Official Video)

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The Hogs Breath Cafe Knights Beach Pro Presented by Good Earth continued its consistency as one of the most competitive event locations on the ABA Tour Calendar.

With a talent pool consisting some of the best riders from not only Australia, but also the world – the infamous Left Wedge sets the level as one of the best testing grounds for competitive bodyboarding.
With a number of the names still in contention to take out the overall tour, from the very beginning it was always going to be a battle of skill & testament.

Overall though there can always only be one champion & this time the Knights Sword was handed over to Jake Stone from the Sunshine Coast.

The 2014 Australian Tour Champion fought an uphill battle from the start after coming unstuck & getting caught up on the inside leaving him with a few small lacerations as well as being a little shaken up.

In a heavily stacked finals campaign against the likes of Winchester & Humphries – it came down to defending “Mystics Pro” Champion – Davis Blackwell from WA

Jakes overall experience & innovative nature however gave him the upper hand to not only take the event – but to now have enough overall tour points to be crowned the 2015 ABA Pro Tour Champion.
The next & final stop on the calendar for 2015 is the Mystics Pro on the South Coast of NSW – Entry Forms Available via the ABA Website


Directed, Filmed & Edited by Michael Jennings – mjcreative

Music By:

Silence The City – Brave